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Buying & Selling Your Home

For New Home Buyers

Purchasing a new home can be one of the most exciting times of your life. Figuring out the paperwork and financing that goes with it can be one of the most daunting.

Rarely do new home buyers completely understand their Buyer Agency Agreement, their Purchase and Sales Agreement, the mortgage, the terms of financing, taxes, closing costs, title, insurance, or the promises they are making. Asking questions on the day of the closing seems too late, too complicated, but it is hard to question a mortgage specialist who worked so hard to obtain financing for you or the real estate agent who may have become a close friend. Since they seem to know the drill, signing your name 25 times to all those confusing documents does not seem like a big leap of faith, but it is.

Hiring an attorney for just a few hours beforehand to look over the documents, or even to attend the closing to ask the more difficult questions is a very inexpensive way to avoid the pitfalls and difficulties that can trap or haunt buyers years later. The real estate agent or mortgage specialist may try to answer your questions or concerns, but the mortgage specialist and real estate agent are largely motivated by closing the deal; not necessarily addressing issues which will affect you but which might delay the process if properly addressed.

Hiring the Law Office of David C. Dunn, PA can provide extra assurance so you can sign your name 25 times as an educated buyer, and move into your home with complete confidence.

For Home Sellers & Buyers

Once you’ve made the decision that you need to start thinking about a move, whether buying, selling, or both, hiring an attorney before you engage a realtor can be very helpful. Few home buyers realize that a buyer agency agreement may obligate them to pay a buyer’s agent, even if they end up finding their own new home, few sellers realize that before they enter a listing agreement, they should negotiate the terms of that agreement as to commission percentage, length of agreement, and the details of the marketing program.

Engaging the Law Office of David C. Dunn, P.A, appointing someone to be on your team, and your team only, who isn’t motivated by closing the deal; who is only motivated by protecting your interests, will be one of the easiest and best decisions you make during a long, complicated process.